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Can we operate without tools? No! Without tools we are unable to complete tasks needed for progression and survival. Tools are items or skills used on a daily basis to function in life. If we know physical tools are necessary for success in life, why shouldn’t we need a spiritual toolbox too? Afterall we are spiritual beings living a human experience yet we try to operate with only physical tools. Not one day goes by without exercising the use of tools and overtime we collect a personal toolbox of what works best for us. Our spiritual toolbox is the same. We have to explore, dabble with and eventually collect a toolbox of spiritual tools, abilities or beliefs that serve us in progressing or functioning on our spiritual journeys in this physical life. The Toolbox Series introduces metaphysical/spiritual tools available for connecting to the Divine energy in and around us to help identify and collect a personal set of tools to help on our spiritual journey in life.

Artist: Paige Land
Label: Diaries of a Medium
Release Date: February 16, 2017
Genres: Spirituality

List of podcasts in series

Chakras! How Reiki helps understand and work with energy! Importance of protection and cleansing!

Sacred space for sacred work. In part one we discussed the role of energy in our body and how it greatly benefits us when balanced and hinders us when chaotic. To keep us connected to source and centered in life our environment must sync. In part 2 we will discuss how altars create sacred spaces to work with our energy daily and also bring energy of personal protection and balance to the atmosphere of our environment whether home, work or both.

Sacred space is waiting for sacred time. Now that we understand energy in and around us we should learn how to maintain it. In part 3 we explore methods to connect to source and keep energy connected and balanced to tap into our true power.

All the Clairs explained! After tapping into our power through methods discussed in part 3, now we discover how our power is translated. In part 4 we discuss senses other than the 5 we use in the physical. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairalience, and Clairgustance, will be described briefly and techniques taught to test which “Clair” is dominant in your life and how to strengthen these spiritual senses for enhancing your toolbox.

Ancient and ritualist shamanic work is sacred to the universe and all that is a part of it. Through journeying and learning about shamanic work we can connect to Source, gain healing, retrieve parts of our soul and discover how to commune with guides from all realms unseen. Having a toolbox of guides and journeying experiences changes your life by understanding how supported you are in this life from the spirit world with the ability to access help along the way and how everything is connected.

Past life experiences remind us who we are, why we struggle with certain roadblocks and validates our souls are a collective of many lives before and beyond this one. Discovering these other lifetimes explains parts of ourself that may feel incomplete or that make us feel disconnected or outcast. In part 6 we will discuss ways to view past lives through regression or guided meditations and how these experiences should be used as a tool in your toolbox.

Though very similar in most people's minds, intuitive and Medium abilities are much differnet. Everyone and most living things have intuition. It's instinct that has kept us alive since the beginning of life. So in theory it could be possible we all have Medium abilities too. However intuitive and medium messages are accessed and delivered much differently which is why most people can find intuitive power but not everyone can do Medium work. In part 7 we will discuss the differences, ethics around both and how they serve as tools to a higher purpose.

Numerology for Life! In part 8 we delve into numerology and the role it played throughout life in both the physical and spiritual realms. After discovering the secret messages of numbers for your life nothing will ever be the same.

If you follow my podcast I mention Divine Downloads a lot. In this series we will discuss what they are and some of the things throughout history and in our current life that could be considered Divine Downloads whether we notice them or not. I will share tools such as journaling and automatic writing that help channel downloads. And we will discuss the raging question “How do I know it's a download and not me?” In the end you’ll decide but I ask you “Does it really matter?”

There are so many metaphysical tools to help with connection to Spirit. We will go over some of my favorites and how they can be beneficial in your toolbox.

Some of us are obsessed with it and some hardly remember to look up. That’s right I'm talking about the moon. In part 11 we will discuss the energy of the moon and how it's undeniably connected to cycles in both the physical and spiritual realms. The magic of the moon is another wonderful tool to tap into.

It’s all connected! In part 12 we will celebrate and recap all we've talked about in this series and how to identify which tools should and could be in your spiritual toolbox.


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