Divine Downloading

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It pops into your head, wakes you up in the middle of the night or stays on your mind until you do something with it. You dream about it and feel it won’t leave until something happens to release it. I’m talking about “THOUGHT.” But the thought I described isn’t just an ordinary one it’s a Divine Download. Something so profound you know is not just for you but to share and discover with others. You know what you’re getting but not always where it comes from. Divine Downloads! The greatest thoughts that permeate your soul and shape parts of you everafter. In fact it could be argued most things started from a thought, a Divine Download. In this series we discuss what they are and how to use them, when to use them and why they are so important for spiritual development and humanities evolvement as a whole.

Artist: Paige Land
Label: Divine Downloading
Release Date: not set
Genres: Spirituality

List of podcasts in series

Let’s discuss what they are and examples in our lives that can now be identified as Divine Downloads, those messages or thoughts that imprinted ideals or paradigm shifts on our lives.

Let's explore different ways Divine Downloads are received and how to recognize them.

Let's talk about signs and feelings of when it's a download vs your imagination. Then we can understand why the message is more important than deciphering where it came from.

When is it for you? When is it to share? How do you know when to share or how? Summary of series and how it can help in daily life to remain grounded and connected to Spirit.


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