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Loss is hard. Belief about what happens to our loved ones once they have crossed may give comfort or sometimes offer very little. During the healing process one thing that remains constant is the need to feel your loved ones are ok and validation they are around us and it is real. Over the years as a Medium, a vessel, I have been blessed to witness the other side and see countless people’s lives transformed through the healing messages received from Spirit and their loved ones who have crossed. I want to teach from my experiences the beauty and sacredness of Medium work. Whether a skeptic or a believer, you’ve experienced loss or just feel lost, this series will offer some insight that is sure to speak to you and potentially change your life, maybe your perspective or at least help with your healing journey. My journey with Spirit through Mediumship has touched me in such a profound way, the only gift I could give back is to share it with the world. By the end of this series my hope is you leave feeling touched by Spirit too!

Artist: Paige Land
Label: Diaries of a Medium
Release Date: 01 March 2021
Genres: Spirituality, New Age

List of podcasts in series

In part 1 of our 16 part series we will explore what Mediumship is, the sacredness of it and the ethical responsibilities of practicing it. The other side, the veil, souls, crossing over, all of it will be discussed. We will even address what every skeptic thinks. What is this crap? At the end of part 1 you will have a deeper understanding of what a Medium does, what energetic field they work in and why Mediumship is so important not only for helping with grief but also in transforming lives and the world!

In part 2 we will discuss how Medium work is done. From what energetic field the connection exists, to tools on accessing it, we will address it all. Can anyone talk to their loved ones once crossed? Or do you have to see a Medium? Answers to these questions and many more are what you can look forward to in part 2.

Part 3 is all about the whys! Why would they take time to talk to us if they are ok on the other side? Why would they come through for us when we never mended things before they crossed. Why me and not someone else, anyone else they could connect with? Why do they still show up for us when we can’t share this physical life with them anymore or have them the way we want? When we connect with Spirit most people are surprised who comes through. You may have been asking 100 times for one person and then a random one shows up. It’s not a mistake and they will always make time for us because we are all still connected and need each other!

We can’t discuss Mediumship without addressing the topic that brings it all together, death. Yes it's an ugly word but only because of the attachments we put on it. If we can understand it’s only the death of a physical body but the soul goes o n then we can explore what contract got us here and answer some of the whys surrounding death. It won’t speed up or magically fix the mourning journey but it can reshape your experience if opened to the idea we all choose our life and we all choose our death. Contracts! We may not remember our contracts with Spirit and we definitely don’t share it at the dinner table. Unless you eat at mine! Lol! But messages from the other side confirm it almost every time! We know moments before or times leading up to an event when we are going crossing. Whether it's a feeling to get things in order or an intuitive sense, your soul knows and remembers your contracts even if YOU don’t.

Beliefs can restrain you from embracing the beauty that comes from Medium work. Once you have a personal experience with Spirit or with loved ones who have crossed there is no denying this world and everything taught, expands far beyond what we can fully comprehend. Opening your mind and setting beliefs aside allows you the opportunity to receive the gift of knowing they are still here through communication with them.

Whether you’ve sat with a Medium or experienced the presence of a loved one on your own, one thing is for sure; you feel like you might be going crazy! A bird lands on your window and stares a little too long, a ladybug shows up in the dead of winter, a dragonfly lands on you nowhere near water and even better the smell of old spice just whiffed passed you in the kitchen. Yep! Signs and symptoms! Spirit knows how to get your attention and when it happens to you, specifically for you, there’s no doubt it's real!

There are specific things you can do to help make your connection to the other side and messages from loved ones stronger whether on your own or with a Medium. Yes they know we want to talk to them and yes they need our help! But communication across the veil is a delicate 3 way dance and certain habits can hinder communication even if Spirit is trying their best to show up. We will discuss things you should and should not do to help your experience with loved ones be the best it can be! HELP ME HELP YOU!!

There's always the one. Lol! The communication is flowing, messages are being received and then you get to the one person who is staring at the Medium like a deer in headlights unable to answer or make sense of anything being said. This is where the skeptics applaud but the others in the room feel the energy shift and no matter how wonderful Spirit came through someone will still leave wondering “Why didn’t that make sense?” Part 8 is about making sense of it all. We will answer questions about why information sometimes doesn’t make sense, why you shouldn’t make it fit and what it all really means. It takes patience, trust and an understanding of what the sitter, reader and loved one does to make sense of it all

All loss is hard but sudden loss blindsides you. Suddenly you are hurled into the shock of grief before you can process what really happened. Through my experiences with Mediumship, the biggest questions with sudden loss have been around suffering or wondering if they were scared. The other side of sudden loss was the need for closure and forgiveness. We will discuss all of this from the perspective of Spirit and those crossed who came through to deliver beautiful answers to these questions.

If we could understand or see what happens after death with certainty, we wouldn’t be as afraid of topics like suicide. Loss from suicide like every loss has it’s own suffering but suicide seems to create more suffering in the ones they leave on this side than other losses Ive communicated with. Why is that? We will explore all the issues around suicide. Why it is hard to talk about. What beliefs cause us to worry more about our loved ones if they choose this path. And the different kind of grief that goes with this loss. Then we will piece it all together to explain why communication with our loved ones after suicide might be the most vital thing you can do to heal!

“Some of us just want a taste of life and most of us would like to leave before chaos.” by Paige I wrote that quote after a tough session with a young soul. Attempting to grasp the pain associated with losing a child or young person can only be done through experience. Even as a Medium I will not pretend to feel that pain having only witnessed it through communication. But my experience has driven me to share insights gained from speaking with young souls in hopes it can bring a little peace to an inconsolable situation. This part in the series brings together ideas discussed in part 4 CONTRACTS so make sure you listen to it too!

Grief with the elderly or a loved one who suffered a drawn out illness is the long run we are talking about in part 12. Even with a long life or a long ending, time with them is never enough. Grief of this kind has its own uniqueness. We will explore the biggest questions around different types of long endings such as dementia or cancer and the most desired communication after this type of loss. Are they too tired to speak to me? Are they still suffering? Were they really even here in the end? Did they know I was there? All of these and more! My hope is even one answer will bring you more peace than you have now.

We all have titles and probably more than one but when we cross the titles mean nothing. Whether parents, siblings, partners, spouses, friends, enemies it's all the same in the end but what is different is how we cope with issues of guilt, shame and pain around the titles. Will I grief a father who never loved me more than the best friend who I grew up with? Will I feel more guilt at the loss of a sibling because I'm still here than not making amends with an enemy? In part 13 we will explore the importance of grieving YOUR way, not based on titles of those who crossed and why allowing this freedom in grief can offer you the best chance of communication you need most from whoever it is on the other side that decides to show up for you and your healing.

What is grief’s hindsight? It's the moment you find yourself saying “I finally know why they had to go.” The only way to understand the why and heal on the journey of loss is to walk through the grief. To understand your why, maybe not the true why but your why for all of this happening comes in grief’s hindsight! We will explore examples of this through messages shared from spirit over the years and stories shared from those in grief’s hindsight.

Part 14 is all about celebrating the wonderful lessons Spirit has shared through communication with the other side. If we listen we can have a glimpse in this life for what is waiting for us in the next. At the very least we may gain perspective on making life here less painful.

Even if all of this is wrong, God's grace, the universal love, source, it all covers you to explore what you need for healing the loss of a loved one. Pure intentions of connection deletes consequences of beliefs. God knew we'd grieve and gave us outlets for that because he loves us. So what are you waiting for?


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