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Ascended Master

Main Messages for Ascended Masters Series


-Visions and prophecy like intuition today
-Healing and miracles while teaching believe you are healed and stand up. Like Reiki, chakras and understanding through science how much mind plays into healing
-Understand the life of the law not just the law itself and you understand the purpose not just the rules. We shouldn’t just blindly follow tradition without understanding our truth in it or assume anything outside our “law” is wrong like our way is the only right way.
-He rebelled against tradition, healed on the Sabbath, hung out with people others condemned. Taught judgment comes from a higher place for no man is worthy to judge as we are all imperfect. Did what was needed even if it upset others.
-He had very few friends, lots of enemies that didn’t like him rocking the boat of rules and tradition and 12 followers who in the end were unable to serve him in a time of need or betrayed him as part of a higher purpose. Stay true to your convictions no matter how many people follow you or believe you.
-Love your neighbor as yourself. Must love us before we can know love for others. We can only project what we feel/know about ourselves. Right now humanity is projecting alot of fear and hate, separation and hostility. None of that is a vibration where love dwells. And that is why we all feel off course.
-Vision and prophecy of the veil being torn after his death so we can all commune with God and the Spirit of God in us instead of through someone else like priests of the old testament temples. Know God for yourself and live in the image of that while understanding we all are connected by the spirit that is in all of us. Much like the veil we discuss in mediumship and the otherside or higher consciousness we get tap into for intuitive work and connection to God and others
-He was imperfect, felt emotions, had faith tested, was tempted and betrayed yet still taught a message of hope and fulfilled his purpose. Sound familiar? Why do we assume we must be perfect humans to share messages or teach enlightened ideas. In the journey of hardships comes the experience to preach from just as Jesus did. Now we won’t be stoned but probably blocked by FB. HAHA!

*Imperfection doesn’t block connection. And visions, prophecy and healing exist. Not all traditions or beliefs will always serve you so grow and evolve. Love yourself so you can share that with others. You have the ability to commune with God/Spirit thanks to the cross so do something with this gift so you can gain insights and have visions of your own to help yourself be enlightened thus helping reshape the world. It may be a lonely road but a few good friends/believers are better than many followers who can’t serve your higher good so stay true to yourself. You will never be sin free so delay judgement and try to find mutual understandings instead of exclusion or separation. We are all connected by spirit in us so don’t destroy your lifeline, help resuscitate it.

The Buddha

I love Jesus but like alot of religions just saying the word jesus may turn some away per association with christianity. Despite living in a country of christianity and loving foundational aspects of being raised in it, as an adult I have really connected with teaching s of the Buddha. I definetely struggle with all life is sacred when a spider decides to surprise me in my personal space but his teachings speak of such an enlightenment before his time as if he knew the world would need these values for such a time as this. You can’t help but feel grateful for that. Born wealthy, tried poverty and decided on the middle road or idea of no extremes. Divine Download under a tree and spent his life trying to share the message of achieving enlightenment with the world. Compassion, patience, reincarnation, mindfulness. Just a few of my favorites and even though associated with Buddhism and taught in other religions for some reason when presented from the buddha it feels as if it separates less and maybe could reach more if truly explored.
-These concepts might be the most valid and needed in our present day state of the world especially reduction of greed. That speaks for itself.
-Avoid extreme positions, find mutual understanding and this leads to better reconciliation and truth. Again speaks for itself why it’s so valid today
-These teachings are shared in the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama in present which we will do in Part 7.


Example of a professional attorney that did things by another set of values more right brain than left. Embodied what he taught and made changes with injustice through peaceful resistance instead of violence.
-Teaches relate to today’s ideas you don’t have to be the loudest to be heard. I struggle with whether his methods would work today given the state of things but also with ideas if these values would have been adopted back then and passed down we would be where we are now so violent.
-Change yourself, protect your mind and be in control of YOU. This is how we make change. 1st with yourself then with being humane to others
-Assassinated like many great leaders like MLK which we do in part 10. Parallel to Jesus crucified. Life cut short for their ideals in a world that couldn’t accept them or their choice to leave after purpose was fulfilled.

Prophet Mohammed

Prophet whose teachings led to Islam like Jesus prophet in Christianity. Divine download came while meditating in a cave like Buddha under the tree. Believed to be chosen by God to give a message to humanity there is one God who is God of all and the final judge. ONENESS in higher power that rules and is to be obeyed much like christainity. Rules similar to commandments and connections to Adam and Eve, Abraham and Issac in Bible but translated differently. It might be my favorite example of similarities across religions where we could find mutual understanding like Buddha taught instead of such hate and separation. Prophet abilities core to all of this. So how can we discredit prophets of today even if labeled intuitive or not titled at all? Why do we discard so much we don’t understand instead of seeking ways to understand? In this we would see the connectedness screaming at us.

The Ladies: Mother Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angleou

Mother Teresa-Love, Compassion and service to world. A healer unseen until after death. People would pray to her and be healed much like Jesus. Miracles in this life like times of Jesus. How can we deny ourselves these abilities any longer? We will as long as we can not control our minds, stay disconnected from source and don’t embrace values that live at higher frequency like love, compassion and service, selflessness.
Eleanor Roosevelt- She was placed in powerful position in physical world as 1st lady in time of World wars but used it for incredible spiritual change. You may be placed in one positon only to find its for a higher purpose.Fought for Universal human rights globally for those discarded, less fortunate and in need and declared equality/freedom despite color or creed or religion. Prevent human suffering don’t avenge it. She saw past the politics, saw with her own eyes destruction and went to work on ways to fix it not just write about it. Vision and unbiased love for humanity.
Maya Angleou-Divine Downloads inspired and shared through poetry and other works/teachings. A woman of many hats but one purpose. Highly intuitive. Shared ideas about being the best version of you for the world and yourself. Change it or change your attitude about it and do it with compassion. Hit with resistance as both a woman and African American woman yet still changed culture with ideas like using your anger to inspire and motivate not destroy you.What could come from that is a idea that could change lives. One thought made a reality could touch more than you ever imagined through ripple effect of inspiration.But chase your dreams with balance, enjoy life. Like the no extremes of the Buddha
Dalai Lama-Our Buddha in the now. Religion of kindness, peace, compassion. Universal we are all one concepts. Rebirthed to serve others and teach peaceful resolution. Science of mind and meditative practices important in a time where science is taking over making spirituality and religion vital to keep us connected to our humanity. Unity of all things is only way forward.

Nelson Mandela

-Our freedoms can not be separated, fairness and equality are mandatory and he walked the walk. Imprisoned but held to his values. Find truth within and see we are all connected. Conflict with each other is only temporary as theres a bigger tie that binds us and holds oneness of humanity.Remembrance over revenge. Never settle for less than capable of. That is how you contribute to humanity.



Divine Downloads by ways of inventions and intuitions. Founded the very theory that allows us to believe and know there is a universe much bigger than our personal bubble.What a vibration he carried to know and see beyond what was in front of him. He valued ideas and ways to better safer world. Intuition as great as his IQ. I would swear he was a gemini by how much this gemini loves him but also by the quotes that gave insight to his complex opposing higher consciousness thoughts. Like:“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
But his intuition showed through his love of imagination too. A man so complex and intelligent who understood the importance of imagination in shaping it.
And he taught oneness on minds by “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”
He understood for us to advance humanity, science and religion or spirituality will have to merge. Science without spirit and we will blow ourselves up. And if spirit was added to already IQ based advancements imagine what we could do if they merged.


Similar to Buddha he taught of peaceful protests for racial equality in a time of horrible separation. Had vision for a path to greater unity for all but especially those opposed. Character is more important in a person than the color of their skin. Democracy and freedom are only free if we as citizens play our role in it. We can not expect things to happen but must do our part. Work together with love and compassion. Assassinated for his ideals like Jesus and Ghandi.

St. Augustine


This one started my path down Ascended master journey. (tell story of him showing up as guide while getting my 1st downloads that let to my 1st book) Divine Downloads through writings. Example of automatic writing at its best. Thoughts sparked major change and revolutions in religion and beliefs around Chrisitaniy today still debated like free will and predestined


About The Series

Ascended Masters were real people sent to live the human experience and bring messages from a higher source. Messages taught wisdom and an understanding enlightenment is perceived through personal journey which speaks of it being a process not arrival. Through Divine Downloads, intuition or prophetic messages (hearing from their Divine) the masters lived with higher consciousness to bring humanity experience in real change by oneness in authentic translations. What if there was one underlying message spoken differently and we missed it in our habit of separating vs uniting as humans? We will explore perspectives shared and why the differences were necessary while showing the theme of unity. You will see parallels to suffering, overcoming resistance and criticism in their efforts to bring change. You may also notice their messages have significant relevance still today. From this series, one could deduce we should shape up as humans. After all, how many chances do we get to embrace the lessons of Ascended Masters.

Artist: Paige Land
Label: Diaries of a Medium
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Genres: Spirituality

List of podcasts in series

Who are they? What did they teach? What impact did they leave on the world to make us know them? What were common themes of their messages showing oneness however seen as vastly different. How are their messages relevant today?

Life vs Law. “You see and follow the law but haven’t seen the life”

The way to enlightenment is on us. Not a personal God to save you but through morality, meditation and search of wisdom. By understanding nothing stays the same, change is possible. Ease suffering. All life is precious.

Equality and freedom are your rights but fight for them with non-violence, peaceful resistance and mutual understanding!

The God of one. The final judge. Prophetic messages that started Islam

The power and wisdom of women magnified in these female ascended masters of change. Service, Compassion, Love for others, Fighting for what's right and for those who can’t fight themselves

Peacemaker. Enlightenment teacher, continue the teachings of The Buddha

Prisoner for justice and reform. Man of patience.

A perfect blend of right and left brain. Inspired, Divine Downloads of inventions that shaped the world and encouraged outside the box concepts.

A man with vision beyond the present, dreams of reshaping the future and a powerful resistance to the norm.

Master of inspired writing. Free will. Philosopher.

What one vision did all the masters have in common in this series? Did you find parallels of your own? Did any personal beliefs shift? Is there one thing that changed your perspective or perception? Who are the masters around us now? Can you spot them after following this series? What one thing can you embrace to honor these masters and their significant role in humanity?


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