21 Days Mantra

21 Days Mantra

This series is designed to help get you in the flow of your life, connecting you through mantras that help you overcome challenges and discard old beliefs of self that are no longer serving your desires and personal path! I will teach you how to create mantras for yourself while sharing examples I have used in my journey too! As we work through the awareness of what we don’t want or wish to be in life then we are more capable of enjoying the journey. Shadow work can be difficult but yields beautiful rewards both outwardly and on a deep soul level! That’s why each part of this series will have mantras themed around specific topics like trust, love, breaking beliefs, abundance and staying grounded and connected to bring your whole self together again. By becoming whole you can then participate in life instead of it running over you! Join me for the challenge of changing your mindset over the 21 Day Mantra Series and use your creativity to discover how the series can work for you!

Artist: Paige Land
Label: 21 Days Mantra
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Genres: Spirituality

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In this first part of the series I will share foundational tips for creating mantras to use in your daily life through the power of “I am” statements and unique Divine Downloaded twists!

Mantras on TRUST! Do you trust yourself enough to trust that the universe has a greater plan than what you see right now! We will explore how overcoming trust issues is the foundation for being able to move through life more open and accepting of what is yours even if unseen for the moment!

Beliefs and Judgement! This part is all about mantras on letting go of what no longer serves you so the weight of judgments can fall off, freeing you to be the Divine being you are!

Grounded and Clear! After working through trust and old beliefs casting judgement, you are more open to understanding the importance of staying grounded and clear to receive what the universe is waiting to shower you with!

Let Go and Surrender! Once you are clear and grounded your world opens to all the possibilities in your life! By surrendering and letting go everything can flow!

All about LOVE! We are beings meant to love and be loved. We shy away from love if we have been hurt and we hold back love when we don’t feel safe to share it. In doing this we cut ourselves off from feeling the love that is all around us just waiting for us to receive even if in ways we didn’t imagine it could show up!

Connection! After opening to LOVE then you feel connected. You see the world differently. The world hasn’t changed, you have! If one at a time we all do this eventually you are so connected that answers appear when you ask and manifestation becomes a reality!

Abundance! Abundance comes in many forms. Wealth, health, love, happiness, you name it! This part of the series is about helping you define abundance in your life and remove blockages you have created from receiving it!

Gratitude! What better way to live in the abundance you have found than to understand and grow from a place of gratitude!

New Beginnings! Life is filled with new beginnings as you evolve through the topics in the series we have already covered. New beginnings are the stepping stones to living your whole self life!

Manifesting! It’s not just about praying or asking, then deciding it happened, only if in the way you imagined! Manifestation is about truly putting out to the universe that you are ready to receive what is already yours with no expectations on how or when it shows up but instead an openness to let it enter exactly as it should!

Joy and Inspiration! We all need to feel inspired. In finding something that lights your fire the joy comes naturally!

Respect! It can be easy to lose respect for yourself, life and others especially on a path of growth and evolution! Even if unintentional we tend to push what we learn onto others and get lost in spiritual person syndrome where we feel obligated to always help and be nice for fear of judgement of our spirituality! As we journey through our evolution process we must relearn respect and how to navigate boundaries more than ever!

Change! By this part of the series you shouldn’t be surprised that change would be the topic! Hopefully you have made significant changes already or see them happening around you through the power of this mantra series. In numerology 14/5 is an amazing energy of shifting and change so tap into it further to continue to blow your world wide open to the connection of the Divine!

When is it for you? When is it to share? How do you know when to share or how? Summary of series and how it can help in daily laNurturing! After change we need a period of nurturing! Time for rejuvenation and refueling! These mantras will give supportive energy to help get you back in action after change has pushed you to another level in your journey!ife to remain grounded and connected to Spirit.

Embrace! When we look back at our life journey, even what you have achieved in this series, we are to embrace it all. The good and the struggles! Embracing it all means embracing your whole self and retrieving all the parts of your story! Embrace, don’t deny who you are once and for all!

Excel Excellence! After embracing it all you are set free to truly excel in excellence! Everyone’s excellence is different so use these mantras to tap into your own unique individual excellence!

Reaping it All! It’s harvest time! In numerology 18/9 is all about collecting the rewards of your labor and sharing it with others. All the work you have put in is finally rewarded through your harvest and gratitude leads you to tap into the humanitarian side of your true nature!

Planting the Seeds! What do you want to plant again after the harvest? What new manifestations are you seeking? What seeds can you plant to water and reharvest later for yourself and the universe? Everything we do, though it may seem insignificant, is planting seeds for a later time! Don’t give up just because you may not see where your seeds are landing or what is happening under the surface on the way to your breakthrough!!

Rebirth! We are creators of the universe and fully able to birth new into the world! Discover what you are truly needing/wanting to rebirth or emerge from!

Whole Self! You did it! In completing this series you can now step into your WHOLE SELF! The true nature of you! The true power within! Discover YOUR WHOLE SELF for yourself! 


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