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My Spiritual Journal of Guided Meditations
- A book by Paige

The source of our power is within. As we take time daily to connect with Spirit, disconnect from negative energy forces and ground ourselves in Mother Earth we gain access to the Divine wisdom in us all. Meditation is just one source we can use to tap into this amazing life force that has the ability to transform and heal! “My Spiritual Journal of Guided Meditations” can help you access the power within. This book will become a sacred tool for you to access spiritual knowledge discovered throughout the completion of the book. As you open this book you will feel the Divine influence of its creation. Consisting of 13 channeled meditations shown to the author in dreams or visions, the descriptive writing and custom audio included helps ease you into the meditations whether you are beginning or seasoned in the practice of meditation.





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Diaries of a medium

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Paige Land - Spirit Angel - 1991


Mon March

New Sneak Peeks
  • Podcast ReleaseCheck back on that date to find out.


Mon March

New Sneak Peeks
  • Podcast ReleaseCheck back on that date to find out.


Mon March

New Sneak Peeks
  • Podcast ReleaseCheck back on that date to find out.

We Talk About Real Life

This is the podcast where you find your real thing! We talk about real life with a connection to Spirit and a side of humor. Topics inspire and push outside the box thinking . I attach meaning to everyday life with connection to Spirit while finding the humor in our human experiences to inspire us on our journey. We will laugh and cry and celebrate unity with the Divine downloads that come when we engage with our life and begin to see how everything is connected! 

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